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Foreigner injured in clash with protester during pro-democracy rally at Jomtien Beach

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Who in his right mind would bring his 10 years old kid to a protest demonstration and argued with the demonstraters.

Shame the little girl had to witness that.    

The lady, who talked to your daughter tried to help you but you ignore her. And you continue stayed there like a superman ! Why ??    If you live in Asian long time already and you dont know

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1 hour ago, tgw said:


you can see the police checking Mr. Vladislav Timakin's  ID towards the end of the video

Yeah but before that the Thais were talking about his country.

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2 hours ago, Neeranam said:

Not a good message to show his little girl. He should have hit the guy back. 

And then get stomped into a sad memory

Better to cross the road and walk away.

This Russkie just stood there stirring the pot

What did he think would happen

The wife didn't help with the finger either 🖕

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