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Foreigner injured in clash with protester during pro-democracy rally at Jomtien Beach

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Who in his right mind would bring his 10 years old kid to a protest demonstration and argued with the demonstraters.

Shame the little girl had to witness that.    

The lady, who talked to your daughter tried to help you but you ignore her. And you continue stayed there like a superman ! Why ??    If you live in Asian long time already and you dont know

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Poor poor girl.

Who would go up to a political demonstration in a foreign country and start arguing with them? 

Not to mention smearing blood everywhere and holding it up while the poor girl screams and cries. 

Family first. Nothing the Russian could say is going to suddenly change the mind of the protesters. 

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50 minutes ago, OneMoreFarang said:

does not look very democratic 

i thought it was very democratic...
he took a vote and acted on the result, clearly democracy at work

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1 hour ago, richard_smith237 said:


Agreed... who knows what was said prior to the confrontation we saw on the video. 


But, is anything the Russian said worthy of assault - are any words worthy of violent retaliation?




That abusive female runt sticking up her middle finger to his face and his daughter faces was atrocious. 

The Thai thug was also extremely abusive, unable to control his anger - whatever was said is not worthy of the actions of those Thai’s who behaved in such an outwardly aggressive, rude and violent manner. 


Clearly the Russian should have not got involved. But for those implying this is not an issue for foreigners to get involved with, why are Thai’s making protests and speeches in English ????? 



This is a clear case of assault - the violence needs to be penalised legally. I hope they find the Thai guy and charge him to the full extent of the law, this is assault (un-aggravated).

Just a bullying racist thug,  who once arrested will do the usual; a wai, an apology to the Russian, with an excuse that he was upset because his girlfriend had left him. Or some such s**t.

1 hour ago, richard_smith237 said:






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