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3 minutes ago, carbon007 said:

Does someone know why True Vision cancels Bloomberg TV November 2020? 
Are there any alternative ways to get access to Bloomberg TV?

My guess would be if you have internet you can watch online.

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9 hours ago, carbon007 said:

Thank you. But quite expensive. Probably also why True vision skips it 

Bloomberg Digital

Monthly Digital:$34.99$1.99/month*
Annual Digital:$34.60$24.20/month**


I think he means IPTV.


When True visions removes the last international channel, can someone remind them to switch off the light

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You are surprised 

Tru had made their offer farangs worse each and every year .

they know folk are now getting their media from elsewhere so they don’t care.

thru show old films over and over again. The rest of the stuff is about food , fishing, car customisation and travel . All cheap stuff.

i cancelled my subs and bought a smart tv.

only answer !


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When I ask questions of True on just about anything like "why no 6 Nations ? "

Their silly answer is that we just take the programmes that the supplier offers.

Which make them just a middleman & no need for any staff like a Sports Editor to make sure we

get the stuff that we would like to watch.

Look at cricket, at least in the old days of UBC  they  offered PFV packages that were great.

When asked why not ,,,,,,basically too hard

They have two things on their mind "football & money"

When streaming gets a bit better they will die

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Showing the same stuff almos5 daily now its a repeat of yesterday at different times, a minor shuffle of the same things. Not worth having anymore. Iptv is far better and much cheaper.

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45 minutes ago, ivor bigun said:

rather than true is there any other packages you can have on your tv.?


Even the Thai cable and mobile wireless providers are offering Internet-based bundled channel packages. Just need the provider's internet set top box, or an independent android box if the channel package isn't bundled with the provider's internet service.

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