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Small business owner reveals despair at economic situation in Pattaya

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Yes. They should recast as a destination of great natural beauty and architectural interest.  

don't worry 500K tourist visa's will fix everything!    

i still wouldn't chance that - spend 100s thousands of baht and be forced under lock and key into a thai private hospital because i got a fever on the plane.   no thanks, i wouldn't chance i

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On 11/11/2020 at 8:29 PM, ukrules said:

There is no viable solution, once the money runs out those remaining well funded businesses will also close.


The places where there once were tourists will become ghost cities.


I doubt it. IMO they will either become Chinese enclaves or cater for Thai tourists.


Pattaya could survive as is if they catered for farang retirees rather than tourists, but that would require immigration to change and that is as likely as I am to return to LOS tomorrow.

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I have a real life example of what happens when things change. In the 70s I was stationed at Nee Soon Barracks in Singapore. Transit Rd outside the gates was a thriving small community of shops that catered to British, Australian and NZ soldiers, plus bars and restaurants ( Virgin's corner may arouse some memories for any that were there ).

After ANZUK finished and all the troops went home it never recovered. I went back in the 90s to have a look ( the base was taken over by the Singaporean military ) and most of the buildings were gone. The few that remained were a shadow of their former glory.


Pattaya won't die because the greater part is residential, but the Beach Rd, Second Rd area may end up a very different sort of place.

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6 hours ago, thaibeachlovers said:

IMO they will either become Chinese enclaves or cater for Thai tourists.

Possible, but first, most businesses here will close, with current owners taking a loss.  

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5 hours ago, redwood1 said:

Yes keep the borders closed forever for a disease that has a 99.6 recovery rate... 

The borders are not closed. In the meantime even tourists from high risk countries are allowed to enter. There are certain requirements like health insurance and for the tourist visa also the 500k Baht requirement. But understandable. Thailand wants to avoid that such tourists are a financial burden in this situation. And because of Corona such risks are higher than at normal times. 

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