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any nightlife on the island?

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1 hour ago, khunPer said:

Black Club – inside – is the hot place right now, but don't expect all the gorgeous looking chicks are all interested in aliens...🤥


The Beach Bar in Chaweng Noi is another option, when they are open.

Otherwise you can go to Dreamland, or Old School Bar, or Ma-Ha-Tea; but you might need to be Thai-speaking to have a chance for a date...😉


If you wish date in exchange of baht, then there are plenty of karaoke bars all over the island – but Thai men like to make face with money, so don't be a Cheap Charlie, if you wish "good looking girls"...🙂

Just go in, sit down, lit up a fat cigar with a 1,000 baht bill. The rest should be easy. But you'll need a lot of these big bills to burn on them. 

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Not much in Lamai, last I passed a couple of weeks ago, one bar only was open in the boxing stadium square... –however I didn't check the sanuk-soi – driving by in car, the soi is for walking –so

Wow...😯 And please tell me whom you would expect one to get the new coronavirus disease from on Samui..? I'm in the supposed vulnerable group – 65+ years – however, I've been a regular in the nig

I am not sure what you are going on about. While it is quiet it is certainly not dead. "Most bars are closed or empty" is utter nonsense. Some bars are closed and their regulars moved to bars that are

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On 11/13/2020 at 12:51 AM, brain150 said:

If you like empty beaches and empty resorts and empty anything then Samui is the place for you !!!

The roads are not empty though ...

Sounds like bliss to me.


If it's that bad the staff might actually care about the few customers they do get. I finally gave up on Chaweng when the staff became rude to customers and moved my holiday visits to Phanang where they were still friendly and not just looking to rip farangs off for as much as possible.

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7 hours ago, khunPer said:

If you wish something to look at in "daylife" this long weekend, then this might be an option for both he and she...😉


thanks but will be there in 2 weeks......

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On 11/15/2020 at 2:58 PM, teacherclaire said:

You should ask a Thai person this question who lives there.


   They have their own places with cheap and good looking girls, foreigners seldom get the chance to see. 

I would urge caution if you follow this plan. The Thai men might not appreciate farangs coming into their secret hideaway, flashing the cash 😉

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On 11/11/2020 at 6:47 PM, khunPer said:

Not much, if anything at all, going on at Chaweng's beach road, but 7-Eleven by Soi Green Mango is open.


A few of the beachfront resorts have reopened with full service, perhaps 10-15 percent of them.


There are some restaurants open in Central Festival, but also many closed, especially those aiming on mainly tourists as customers.


Other areas on Samui are much more lively than Chaweng and Lamai – and also with open bars and pubs – and plenty of restaurants open. Driving on the Ring Road in the evening it seems almost all open from Nathon to Bo Phut, I just did the trip today.


However, if you are looking for nightlife like Chaweng's, you need a transport to get to there. It's hard to predict what will happen this New Year, or rather where people will head out for a countdown, but Ark Bar might be a good suggestion, if it's fine weather.


Take for example a look at Bang Rak, Fisherman Village, and Maenam Beach. W in Maenam might also arrange parties – little high-end – I often hear their music in week-ends.

Thx for sharing some pictures!

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On 11/22/2020 at 11:42 PM, khunPer said:

bearing in mind that it's usually lower than low-season in November and first half of December on Samui – in older time were many resorts and venues simply closed, I remember Reggae Bar closed during that period – then it seems like the number of visitors are not that far from "normal" during the monsoon-season...

Well noted. I am amazed that anything is open on Samui this November. As you mentioned. Not that long ago many busines owners would shut up shop for November.

November villa bookings are down a tad (25% down on previous months) but December is looking busy again.

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