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Is Thailand deliberately trying to sabotage it's own tourism industry?

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With the revelation about the 500,000 baht required for a tourist to visit Thailand, it feels like it is the straw that may break the camels back. There are already so many restrictions in place, hurd

i just sold my property back home, cashed in all my bitcoin (lots of it) and invested it into a new venture with a lovely lady i met in pattaya a few weeks ago.    after reading this i feel

No thanks.  I think everyday for months they having been detecting a few cases because of their very effective quarantine procedures. Over 1000 people, some like the Dutch bloke in Phuket last week

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If they really want high end in any sort of numbers then they have to sort out transport, get rid of the wires everywhere, provide proper pavements/sidewalks, stop most of the tourist areas looking like a dust ridden Blackpool, get rid of the bar girls and rip offs. Just saying we want you to have lots of money in the bank wont work, you have to offer the correct product. Not saying that is better or having a go at sexpats etc. just commenting on what would have to be done to make this a rich mans/woman's playground, no need to worry as it will never happen, that would mean proper investment not take take.

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