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Mid-range smartphone recommendations - up to 5000 baht

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Is there any particular make and model that's good value for money right now? Dual SIM and 4G is standard these days and with a display that's big enough (and good enough) for watching entertainment without going semi-tablet sized? Is 6" still the optimum screen size or are they getting bigger? I saw a 7.1" Dengo Next 7.1 on lazada which was cheap as chips but looked like it was only 3G capable. Trying to avoid Samsung and of course iPhone is another non-starter.


Last time I asked about this, Xiaomi and Redmi was getting rave reviews but with the Huawei imbroglio, maybe there's been some shifts?

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"Up to 5k" is entry level, not mid-range

Just have a look at brands like Xiaomi, Redmi or Oppo. Phones at this level, for the same price, will be nearly identical. Maybe one has a little bit bigger screen, but a worse camera, or something like this, but nothing too exciting. Your call what is more important for you.

This site makes comparing the specs easy: https://www.gsmarena.com/

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in my conclusion, a minimum of 6 gb ram is required if you are using apps to ensure the phone dont freeze in lack of free memory,

and i noted with displeasure from my [email protected]#$%$ huawei phone

that 3200 mAh battery dont even last the full day.

i am content with oppo a9 2020 8 gb ram 5000 mah 6800 baht, its enough to charge it twice a week,

but i wouldnt mind samsung 31/50 with 6 gb 6000 mah either,

similar priced to oppo.


if i want cheapest but still functional i would try to get motorola G7 power with 4/6 gb ram & 5000 mah battery for below 5000 baht, it held endurance record for a long time

and is still competitive in spite of age and cost


i also saw xiaomi? & redmi something something had the right specs with regards to memory & battery, and cost

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I have a MI phone and recently I bough one for my gf.


Xiaomi Global丨Official Website丨Mi.com - Mi Global Home


Think about what you want and need. I.e. I don't care much about the camera. Every phone has a camera.

My gf wanted one with a big screen to watch videos.

Think about your priorities and then compare. I would buy a MI again anytime.



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