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A village Vegemite mystery.

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OP possibly copped the Reduced Salt version??

    barcoded 9352042000304 



on a side note... for anyone who finds Vegemite unpalatable: 

 - only ever use a minimal amount... never plop too much on your toast 


 - did you know that by having a half'n'half of Honey with Vegemite, does 2 things...

The honey takes away the 'sharpness' of the vegemite, and the vegemite takes away the 'sharpness' of the honey;

 and 2; that mixing Vegemite with stiff (out of the fridge) honey somehow instantly makes that honey 'spreadable'   

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Living in Thailand has many problems. Dodgy Marmite is the yeast of your worries.

Have it checked out..........it may be a vaccine for Covid.............

No issues here in northern Nan province. Keep my opened jar in the refrigerator. Use a clean knife only to extract the vegemite. Yes...two knifes to prepare vegemite toast. One does the butter, the ot

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I live north of Bangkok in a relatively undeveloped and green area. It took me 2 months to finish my last jar of Vegemite, and had no issues at all. I do not store it in the fridge. Never seen or heard of mould growing in it before.

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12 hours ago, polpott said:

My point was that I kept unopened jars in a cupboard, not the fridge.

My point is that the yeast in your spread is highly, highly unlikely to be multiplying and rupturing your jars...

Like I said, we don’t doubt your experience just the conclusions you’ve come to.

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13 hours ago, faraday said:

Still droning on about Vegimite are you Lacey?


I am, to use your word: "Astounded"



I was wondering when you would be along, slow day at the office?

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On 11/21/2020 at 8:22 PM, seajae said:

where do you get the tubes of vegemite, not a big eater of it but do enjoy it very occasionally so the tubes would be great, I actually prefer promite.



Not seen tubes here but I buy small 220gm jars on Lazada.

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3 hours ago, faraday said:

And a response time of 14 hours from you.

Now now, no snits please. I do have other things to do in my life, and I thought the thread had petered out, so I wasn't following it. Were you waiting with bated breath, sorry to disappoint you.

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