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Can my Thai/American daughter leave Thailand without a Thai passport?

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With regards to getting a Thai passport for your daughter, this can be done at a Thai passport office, I am assuming that you are named as the Father on the Child's Thai birth certificate, under normal circumstances you would have to be present at the passport office for the application, however, you can provide a parental consent letter to allow your wife to make the application in your absence, unfortunately the MFA website is under construction right now, so I cannot provide the link.

As you are in the US, then you will probably have to go to the nearest Thai embassy/ consulate with proof of ID etc. and sign the parental consent form in the presence of a consular officer.

Without this consent, your wife cannot apply.

Alternatively, she could go to Thai immigration and ask if it is possible for your daughter to depart Thailand using her US passport.

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yes she can leave with out stamp on American passport because she have a birth certificate proven she was born in Thailand, therefore no stamp

Well a couple of thoughts.   For most of us with dual nationality kids, they use their farang passport at check in, and Thai passport at immigration, for TM-6 purposes or it gets messy

If she has a passport to travel then there should be no problem and you can apply for her Thai passport at the Embassy in The US... That’s what you can do in The UK...

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