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Has CM had any recent covid outbreaks?

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Considering visiting CM in near future and just curious if there's any need for extra concern? We will obviously be taking all the usual precautions...facemasks, using hand sanitizer, washing hands frequently, avoiding close contact with others. Has there been any specific local warnings recently?

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There seems to be very little covid in Thailand. It only seems to get picked up when people depart Thailand and arrive somewhere else.  A korean person departed recently and tested positive on arrival in Korea. Japan has identified infected people arriving from Thailand.  Do they get infected on the aircraft? Myanmar has reported the same but how good is their screening? 


Also the Indian man who had been in Thailand for months and recently tested positive. So officially no local covid in Thailand except for these regular "anomalies" .

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18 hours ago, lordblackader said:

there had been no community cases after day 101 when the first community case popped up - that was the DJ in Bangkok if I recall. 

What about the French woman who came down with it? Not sure but I think it might had been in Samui. Recalling the article (unless I had forgotten the details) she came into the country, tested negative, went into the 14 day quarantine, came out of quarantine and tested negative again, went shopping about and then came down sick a few days later, and tested positive.


So if testing is not valid or the incubation period is longer than 14 days then she contacted it locally somewhere, however it was not in CM.

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On 11/19/2020 at 2:09 AM, NotEinstein said:

The bottom line is, nobody appears to be severely sick or dying from covid in Thailand. As to whether it is active and being passed around, as there is no mass testing, apart from out of country arrivals, who could say?

Dr Yong, the famous virologist form Chulakorn University, recommends wearing full hazmat suits for ALL domestic trips.  The motto being 'You Can Never Be Sure Enough' and 'Never Let Your Guard Down', advice that proved 100% effective to curb the risk of sudden T-Rex attacks.

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You'll need to ask the one-eyed man for a chance of an accurate answer.


Only a chance.......a very slim one.


(You'll never get close enough to ask anyway)



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