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Thai Opening an Aussie Bank Account in Thailand

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Does anyone know if a Thai can open an Australian bank account in Thailand? Thanks in advance.

Don't know if Oz  regulations would permit, but try HKBC,  they have branches in Oz and Thailand. Citibank may also be a path to check.

A TFN declaration form has been sent, but what that entails regarding the pension benefits is unknown at this stage.

43 minutes ago, natway09 said:

If she has a TFN her super payment will be taxed as a non resident at 15%

I doubt possible to open an account from here.

Did she not have an account when she was there.?

They may allow her to re activate that one if closed less than a year ago

She visited Australia as a tourist 4 times in the noughties staying about a year in total. There was no reason for her to open an account back then. I didn't anticipate that many years later it would become necessary. 


edit: If that question was to me

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3 minutes ago, simple1 said:
6 minutes ago, Tick Nurner said:

They're not, they haven't done for a few years now.


Any suggestions for the OP?

Yes, he shouldn't try HSBC, he'll be wasting his time. 


Have you any suggestions for him?

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5 minutes ago, Tick Nurner said:

Yes, he shouldn't try HSBC, he'll be wasting his time. 


Have you any suggestions for him?

happy vegemite aren't you - why have such a miserable attitude...

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No aussie banks will allow it. I tried because of the covid super payment the govt allowed.


I got around it by opening an online acct at comm bank. Then the govt allowed the payment. But u cannot withdraw the funds. You have to personally go into the branch for id.


So after my payment went in i emailed them and they release the funds to my overseas acct after i provided documents. 


But can only do this one time as the acct will be closed.


So if its a one off payment u can do it. If ongoing payments then need to wait until all the funds deposited then close the acct.

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4 hours ago, Will27 said:

Surely that can be done online?

No it cannot be done online .

The way I had to do it with my NAB in Aus . 

 Ring and Talk to them and Give them my Thai  number and to activate International online money Transfers from my account to Thailand.

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42 minutes ago, teacherofwoe said:

Thanks to everyone for your advise so far. This is going to be harder that first thought. We'll try HSBC, City Bank and ANZ and hope one of them can arrange an account. I'll report back once they've been contacted.

I'm pretty sure ANZ Thailand is for corporate and business accounts only.


Good luck.

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On 11/20/2020 at 8:51 AM, JimHuaHin said:

I checked this out before I came here 7 years ago (things may have changed a little since then).  Most Australian super funds will only pay their pensions into an Australian based-bank.  There are only a few banks that function in both Thailand and Australia, although some Australian banks have representative offices here, they do not have deposit accounts; CitiBank is the once I chose.  But, even if my super pension was paid into CitiBank Australia, I would still have to go online to transfer the money to CitiBank Thailand.


End result - my super pension is paidinto my Australian bank in Australia and I tranfer money as required into my Thai bank account.

Me too. I use World First. Who 

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On 11/21/2020 at 2:00 PM, Will27 said:
On 11/21/2020 at 1:17 PM, teacherofwoe said:


I'm pretty sure ANZ Thailand is for corporate and business accounts only.

Correct again, I tried with them when our embassy moved, said they only do commercial banking.

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