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Groin protection with wetsuit

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I am using my first ever wetsuit for swimming in a pool. It is tight in the crotch and tends to 'displace' the nuts up into the groin, especially when it is cold. I am thinking a groin protector cup would help. Any suggestions or ideas would be useful.


The material of the wetsuit is 90% neoprene, 10% nylon. I have seen suggestions to alter the suit with neoprene and glue and don't know how that would work.


I live in Ratchaburi Province and would like to know the best source for any suggestions, e.g.

-Exactly what cup would be recommended. There is a very large selection on the internet. I think if I could get one by mail within Thailand it would be good, but only if someone could recommend a good choice.

-If modifying the suit is recommended, where would I get the materials and any guidelines to use.


Any other suggestions would be appreciated. I am kind of counting on the wetsuit for continuing to swim in an outdoor pool during cold season. My body becomes a bit stressed after 30-45 minutes of swimming in cold water.


Thanks a lot, in advance, for any ideas.


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7 hours ago, polpott said:

A cold pool in Thailand? Never in my experience, always too warm for me.


Failing that, cut a hole in the wetsuit and let your nuts hang free.

Wherever you may be...let your nuts hang free...crushed nuts not recommended :clap2:

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