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Hotel operators beg govt to consider reopening Thailand soon

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Yes but more people will die of poverty/starvation/depression/suicide from these measures than from covid. 

It's not going to open up, the zero COVID approach will continue for a very long time.   I can't see anything changing before the end of 2021 and that's being optimistic.

The Thai tourist industry was in decline long before the covid issue began. In addition to the expensive Baht, Thailand is simply not interesting anymore. When was the last time anyone bragged about h

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47 minutes ago, Dukeleto said:

Instead of begging why don’t they all get together and completely shutter All their hotels and lay off all staff. Can you imagine no hotels open in Bangkok??? That will get their attention and put the reality of what they are doing home to roost.

Do you think so? I get the feeling this government doesn't care about mass tourism no more, Thailand can survive without it

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But now would be a good time to start setting clear direction for those that do get the vaccine in the UK or the US, for example. What will be proof of the vaccine that Thailand will accept?


...are they allowed into Thailand like a normal tourist, with no quarantine restrictions once they get the vaccine? 


These are probably the questions people should be asking now.


Thailand is not going to open and this that persist in "its just the flu", go volunteer in the COVID ward with no PPE.

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