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Hotel operators beg govt to consider reopening Thailand soon

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Yes but more people will die of poverty/starvation/depression/suicide from these measures than from covid. 

It's not going to open up, the zero COVID approach will continue for a very long time.   I can't see anything changing before the end of 2021 and that's being optimistic.

The Thai tourist industry was in decline long before the covid issue began. In addition to the expensive Baht, Thailand is simply not interesting anymore. When was the last time anyone bragged about h

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1 minute ago, CrunchWrapSupreme said:

Then the govt's "50/50" program was a nice gesture, but guess who had to put in that 50%? Hehe. Even with Prayut footing 50%, they still didn't have much to scrape together.

Only the civil servants are benefiting from the 50/50, they have the monthly guaranteed salary to spend and the "extra holidays" given.

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For the Thai tourist industry, or any country's come to that, to expand back to pre covid levels people's incomes will have to return to pre covid levels. Many people are facing hardship through job loss. The last thing on your mind when you can't pay your bills is not holidays! End of 2021 or more like late in 2022 might see some recovery.

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