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Huawei phone...........

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My wife and daughter both have Huawei phones,have had them a couple of years and they get a lot of use,and have had zero problems, so it's over the top to say don't buy Huawei phones,just be

Dont buy it. Huawei will be dead. International banned and there is issue, that the company steals your privacy. Read the news !!! 

I would be very curious to know which Huawei you bought, as I have many friends who own a Huawei and I think that ALL their phones have a "mirror to TV" feature... of course .   And about qu

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huawei sux in hardware and especially battery,

i also made the mistake and it was barely usable,

i didnt bother to carry it with me since it would just die before the day was over, i just had it on constant

charge until an app required an update at which point i bought

a phone i can actually use, oppo a9 2020 with 8 gb ram & 5000 mah battery

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4 minutes ago, blackcab said:

Sorry to hear that. I tend to stick with Samsung. No problems at all other than they can be expensive if you buy the flagship model when it first comes out.

I didn't even buy their most expensive model. It was around 7 K, does all what I want it to do, has the option to watch the screen on TV and plenty of other things. 

Sometimes I watch a movie on it and the screen and color are impressive.


  Even having all the MS Office stuff on it, when I want to do Office work, I use my laptop, or PC. But it's handy if you can create a document that uses MS Office 2019. 


   The Huawei doesn't even have the option to mirror on a TV which says it all. 

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I have Huawei Mate 9, 2016 model, great phone. I can't believe the amount of abuse it survived, has been dropped tens of times.

I bought for my gf Huawei Mate 30 Pro 2 months ago for 15K, piece of art. It is a camera with a complimentary phone. 

For 7K you should have bought Xiaomi or similar, if you don't care much about the camera. The camera is probably the main differentiator.

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Being cheap & generally disliking phones, my choices were Huawei mate SE and Moto G5 in 2018. Costco was running specials on the Moto. That decision made, never had a problem. That said if you are on the cheap side of the street, problems are more common than top of the line models, natch.



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