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Huawei phone...........

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My wife and daughter both have Huawei phones,have had them a couple of years and they get a lot of use,and have had zero problems, so it's over the top to say don't buy Huawei phones,just be

Dont buy it. Huawei will be dead. International banned and there is issue, that the company steals your privacy. Read the news !!! 

I would be very curious to know which Huawei you bought, as I have many friends who own a Huawei and I think that ALL their phones have a "mirror to TV" feature... of course .   And about qu

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I own 3 Huawei phones for different reasons with different sim cards. One is 5+ years old, another is 2-3 years old and the last one 5 months old. I bought all in licensed shops. All 3 are still in use without any issue. However, camera and screen of the last one are better than those of the first one. Seems they have improved it significantly. I have no reason to regret my choices. BTW I dislike very much the overpricing and arrogant policy of iPhones who have several reported serious issues.

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