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New beer bar complex to open in Hua Hin

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I heard the rent on that place was 80,000 Baht a month previously.


I wonder what it is now considering it closed down months ago.


These places which are divided and sublet always make money regardless of how many failed businesses pass through them over the years.


Markets appear to operate on the same business model.


I heard about the 'grand night market' which appears to be through a similar process, something about a rent hike by the land owner in the middle of the lockdowns leading to a split and the formation of a new market right next door - won't be ready until about February next year though.


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1 hour ago, 4737 Carlin said:

It's a great time to be opening a bar aimed at foreign customers. Makes perfect business sense. I'm sure they'll make a fortune. 

Why they didnt open another coffee shop is beyond me 

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39 Chinese tourists incountry to rescue the economy. 20 bars rented out. Makes about 2 punters per bar. Ready to spend their TAT projected hundreds of thousands of THB when they breeze through. Makes sense to me! Hua Hin is saved !   🤨

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let me send those 39 chinese a wechat message. they would come running and spend the money.





 i am sorry, cant contact them. wechat isnt available where I live. 


Would some nice samaritan contact those 39 chinese and tell them they could go to huahin as I suppose they  are itching to spend the 400k that TAT says they have to spend per person 😁😁😁😁

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