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Surat Thani dog owner refuses to pay full hospital bills after 2 bitten

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On 11/20/2020 at 2:35 PM, worgeordie said:

What if it was your kid (if you have any),would you

still think it was not serious ?

regards worgeordie

My kids have been taken to hospital for fog bites from our own dogs. 

If they went onto the property of another and got bitten, I wouldn't blame the other person. 


What I meant is that no crime has been committed here, hence the police are right not to bother themselves, Esp as the injuries are not serious and they went to a private hospital. 

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Police have been unable to contact him, surely should have read, police just cannot be bothered to contact him, as there would be nothing in it for them.

Not sure about the second case, but here the boy entered someone else's property without permission and was bitten.    That's the kid's fault, not the dog or the dog owner.

The universe where the property was locked. He climbed in does a mailman climb in. Usually people leave post boxes outside if they have an animal like that. They keep their dog fenced in and it guards

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