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I tried Boon Rawd's new beer last night.  It's touted as a strong beer but is still only 5.1 % ABV compared to the standard Leo at 5%. It does seem a little stronger in taste though and slightly better than the standard, although that's not saying much.  Interesting that they use Noble hops. At least they're trying harder.


Like most Thai beers though it's much of a muchness and slightly more expensive.


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They are not beers, they are lagers

If you want something stronger try Tappers, 6.5%. Beers with higher alcohol content taste better to me.

Of all the "new" beers that have appeared over the last few years, Tapper is the only one I'll touch. I find the rest of them to have unpleasant flavours and odours, probably from too many chemical ad

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On 11/19/2020 at 10:51 PM, Donekys said:

It has no taste and a stink to it. Stick to the regular Leo!


Perhaps better to wait for number 9. 9 is a lucky number in Thailand. 

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I've got a suggestion for the 'Singha Corporation'. 

Try and find the old recipe for Leo when it was 5.5%, and tasted ok, very drinkable. 

relabel it as 'Leo AIW' (as it was), or 'Leo BTO' (back to original).

as all beers seem to have been messed around with around the same time, 2008/2009?, i'm sure it would prove very popular, once again.

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