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Seems cleaner, fewer bags. What they really need to do is ban Styrofoam food containers...

More likely a result of decreased tourist traffic and other covid related factors than solely the  plastic bag ban.   Good to hear though.

I keep forgetting my 2 baht bag from 7-11 I've got 9 so far, 😂

I use a back back in which I always carry 2 plastic bags.   People in my local market or shops know me so don't offer bags.

There is a K-mart near where I live, mostly for multiple purchases, they offer you a box ( don't know if this gets recycled or burnt after use ), you can buy a bag or a larger bag ( these of course are made from plastic ).


To help stop plastic bags littering the local fields etc. it would help if more rubbish bins were provided by the local govt, the rubbish collectors do a good job of emptying what bins there are but they have already often overflowed.      If the bins could be dog proof too that would help.   What really p.... o.. is the burning of plastic bags with other "domestic" rubbish.   

The local govt, could also provide a recycling area in the village, however this does often not work e.g. in my local keep fit park there are bins but people are too lazy, even when the bin is a few metres away and the ones that are used are insufficient or not emptied.   

As local govt election time maybe just maybe one of the people could promote "cleaning up" as part of their manifest.     

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I pick up litter most days on my bike ride in Hua Hin. There are certainly no 7/11 or Tesco plastic bags littering the bike lane, but there is plenty of other trash. Cans of "Birdy" coffee seem to be to the favourite thing to throw away. See below for my 15 minutes of fame.




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