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Pattaya warning: Avoid going outdoors as "smaze" descends on resort

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1 hour ago, Natai Beach said:

I always hated the filthy rubbish everywhere and fecal sea in Pattaya, but the putrid air from November until the Songkran rains in April was the reason I left Pattaya after ten years. 

A lot of people, including myself, had a constant cough. The reasons for the pollution are varied, being close to Bangkok, the traffic, the fact that it is in in the middle of the EEC industrial area, and significantly the electricity power plant in neighboring Rayong. Also because of the nonexistent rubbish tip, people dump rubbish on every unused plot of land and this gets burnt. In every direction. Even the railway station just dumps their rubbish by the tracks and burns it every week or so. 

I first visited Pattaya as a kid in 1978. It was known as the pearl of Asia then. My dad, when came to visit me in 2011 and couldn’t believe the s4ithole it had become. 

I studied the AQI maps for a while and chose to move to Phangnga.  Best thing I ever did. Looking up at the blue skies now, it Pattaya from November to April you won’t see a blue sky. It looks constantly overcast, but it is really air pollution.


The ocean has clean water down here also, most days in Pattaya you go knee height in the sea and you can’t even see your feet. The seawater in Pattaya is a mix of farang, Indian, Russian, Arab, Chinese and Thai fecal matter. The last time i dared go in about 9 years ago I saw a used condom and a dead frog.

Filthy place. The rubbish strewn streets, the fecal ocean and the putrid air. It was embarrassing when people came to visit me.
With the big plans for the EEC it will only get worse. 


It's not that bad...yesterday was a one off

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I always hated the filthy rubbish everywhere and fecal sea in Pattaya, but the putrid air from November until the Songkran rains in April was the reason I left Pattaya after ten years.    A lot

It's like called "smaze" so people laugh and not think too much about it...   It really should be called "death air," and then maybe people will think

And you need to show half a million of baht in the bank, insurance and medical certificate and be in quarantine for 2 weeks for that lovely air in Pattaya...

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1 hour ago, Thaiwrath said:

Every week we hear of how they will look into improving this, but sadly, like most things, <deleted> all gets done. 


There are a number of occurrences that get repeatedly reported in Thailand. I’m very aware of how easy it is to criticize from a computer terminal but you would think that somewhere, someone would do something to limit the pm25 problem, dog attacks, soldier deaths, road accidents, teachers beating school kids etc, etc.

But, as you say, <deleted> all gets done and it all carries on as before.


Im reminded of Mr Watchman remarking "We have given masks out - What more can we do?" to a reporter when asked about the smog problem in Bangkok last year.

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6 minutes ago, pattayadude said:

population in an average country  jumped to i.e. 60-80million  from 20-30million in 70s..from a few cars to 50million cars on the road, more food means more crops needed therefore more crop-burning more trucks on the roads, more pork and beef needed therefore more cows and pigs create more farts, more electricity needed therefore more coal burning and this goes on and on and on!. Result is the photos above! it will get worse in 20 years with populations above 100million in majority of the countries..Good planning homo-sapiens! No other animal self-extinct but humankind WILL. by choking itself to death and extinction...


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2 hours ago, Thaiwrath said:

A massive kick in the balls to the "Domestic tourism can save us" thinking from T.A.T. and the beloved  government.

Nah. BKK tourists take it in stride. Shoulda seen the traffic streaming in on Pattaya Nua yesterday.

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1 hour ago, SoilSpoil said:

Natai is lovely, lets just hope the airport and train connections will never be built. Pilai beach will be right at the end of its runway. This will turn Khokkloi in a huge city and will become a cesspool as well. I also moved to Phang Nga for air quality reasons. Thai Muang has about the best air the country on a yearly average.

I am happy to have the train here. I agree about the airport though, it might be the one good thing that comes out of covid, a permanently delayed airport. 

A bit of an exaggeration that Pilai beach will be at the end of the runway, but it is close. The flight path will go over Naklua. 

I would be happy to see it permanently moth balled. At least three years away now.


One positive is the strict zoning they have in Khok Kloy/Natai. There will never be high rise on the beach, or a bloody Central. The Khok Kloy town being 3-4 km inland is another plus, keep the town as a town and the beach as the beach.

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For the last few months it's probably been the clearest far views I can remember, which I just put down to the lack of traffic and perhaps genersl industrial activity. This last few days it's gone hazy from afar which I just put down to the crop burning season blowing in from wherever.  I don't actually notice it affecting my breathing walking along the beach with a sea breeze, never really have to be honest, but Bangkok I notice it. 

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3 hours ago, bodga said:

Dont forget the plague of  rats along the sea front, I found that pretty  bad.

Along the seafront it wasn’t the rats that worried me much, it was more the blokes in dresses wearing makeup high on yaba constantly trying to squirrel grip me.

If Pattaya had clean air, seawater and rubbish free streets I would not have left. 
It was frustrating watching Town Hall spending millions on eg, the Bali Hai pier redevelopment, when they could have spent 10% of that cleaning up the rubbish which would have made it more livable  in my opinion. 

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14 hours ago, Don Chance said:

I wonder in the future will this ever change? The way things are going in 20 years there will be no clean air spots in Asia left.

We can always move to Mars .  Elon Musks grand children will be living there. 



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