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Special Tourist Visa: 681 foreign tourists to visit Thailand in November

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On 11/20/2020 at 10:05 AM, ChipButty said:

He's getting all excited over 681 tourist, 

681?     555 thats worst then a needle in a haystack. ok lets see 30 change their minds the last min. 150 get their vacation cut in half due to having to go to quarantine having to pay half now broke, 20 get jailed for shop lifting or other crimes, leaving 481 wow thats alot still here but they are cheap charlies not spending the money on the economy but in high class hotels and restuarants and high class hookers with $5,000 tips 

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and that ladies and gentlemen sums up thai tourism for the foreseeable future.    

Special Tourist Visa: 681 foreign tourists to visit Thailand in November     An upbeat governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand has said that 681 tourists will be visiting Thailan

How many are actual tourist? One of them in quarantine is a friend of mine he live here

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I fear that some of those arrivals will have to stay in tents, as the 757. 000 hotel rooms within Thailand will be hopelessly overcrowded shortly after that plane hits the Tarmac. Quick, quick! Anyone would like to invest with me in a Thai hotel, resort, or... minivan transport business, anyone??? C'm on... lifetime opportunity, folks!!!

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Math 201:

If you spend X million baht on a campaign and being in 3000000 - 861 tourist less in November, what outcome has the highest probability?

A: getting a promotion

B: getting a bonus

C getting a promotion + bonus



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A New Zealand-bound traveller tested negative for Covid-19 before a flight. He had the virus and infected 4 passengers



I ain't getting on plane for 25 hours with such a risk.

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1 hour ago, balo said:

So how many tourists can we expect in December? More than 1000? 


TAT said recently 10,000 ish, in total for now through the end of Dec. They said "tourists" so STV + TR60?


Seems like a stretch, unless that includes all ferners with other visa types on a CoE?


681 hardly seems worth the effort but baby-steps I guess.

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