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Long weekend, busy roads and price gouging

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Long weekend, busy roads and price gouging
By The Thaiger



Airfare and accommodation costs have skyrocketed over this long weekend, an artificially added 2 days of holiday by the Thai government to stimulate the local travel economy. Airfares, if you didn’t get the earlier ‘cheapies’, have risen to 2 – 3 times their ‘normal’ discount prices. And accommodation costs have followed suit (although the OTAs are still advertising plenty of cheap rooms around the country if you have time to search).


The Tourism Authority of Thailand is predicting 3 million Thais will travel during between November 19 – 22 with an expected 1.3 billion baht in revenue being generated for the industry.


The TAT Governor Yuthasak Supasorn is hoping the 4 day holiday will provide the same sort of revenue for the battered local tourism industry as the annual Songkran holiday (which was postponed last April amidst the ‘lockdowns’ in Thailand).

He noted that the revelation of a solitary case of Covid-19 in Krabi last week, an Indian expat, caused panicked hotel cancellations in the southern province. Similar responses have happened before, notably cancelations in Rayong province after an Egyptian military officer tested positive whilst staying there. The much-hyped “Phuket Model” was also shelved after local fears were expressed to Thai officials about the possibility of a second wave of cases.


A Phuket hotelier, who asked to remain un-named, said that they were hopeful of a surge in bookings but the response has been “mediocre”. Some Pattaya hotels are reporting high bookings but are still well under 50% occupancy. Bangkok rooms are still mostly 50% or lower than their advertised rack rate.


But it hasn’t been a long weekend for everyone. Many Thai companies, including The Thaiger, haven’t given employees the Thursday and Friday off, denting the expected revenue for hotels and transport businesses.

Typical discount fares from Phuket to Bangkok, usually less than 1,000 baht each way, are now selling for 3,000 – 5,000 per seat for the long weekend.


Source: https://thethaiger.com/hot-news/tourism/long-weekend-busy-roads-and-price-gouging




-- © Copyright The Thaiger 2020-11-20
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1 hour ago, GeorgeCross said:

..and next time there is a long weekend many will say "<deleted> it" and stay at home


they never learn.. once bitten twice shy.



Next one is only a few weeks away. Early or mid December I believe.

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4 hours ago, Jack Mountain said:

That's why I totally have no pity with the tourist business.   

When you give them the change they suck you dry. LOL

No difference from any other business in any Country.  High demand equals high prices.  

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6 hours ago, phetphet said:

Next one is only a few weeks away. Early or mid December I believe.

10 to 13 Dec.

Substitute holiday on Mon 7 cancelled, moved to 11, 10 being holiday anyway.

So at least not just a present from uncle P.

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On 11/20/2020 at 1:01 PM, madmitch said:

Airline prices fluctuate according to supply and demand. Every airline and hotel business in the world tries to take advantage of holiday periods!

At the moment you wont find many (if any) hotels increasing rates over these weekends, we certainly didn't 

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