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Ducati Scrambler issues and mods

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46 minutes ago, RyeRye said:


Agree, you would think that a bike from a premium brand has a gear indicator and a fuel gauge...also I hate the flimsy blinker switch.

Don't want to complain too much though overall its  a fun bike 🙂


It's funny you mention the indicators, i had the front left fatique and snap on the stem about 2 weeks ago, next day the opposite one and about a week later one of the back ones.


It was due 25K service so obviously mentioned it to them, he said normally they go after about 2 years ( bike is 2015 ) and was surprised they lasted so long!


Was dreading the price of replacements but just over 1K each, still waiting for them tho! currently patched up with tooth picks and insulation tape as a splint.

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34 minutes ago, In the jungle said:

Back when I had a Ducati Monster I changed the mirrors because the stock ones were hopeless.


The sales Johnny at Ducati Thonglor asked where I got them. 


The poor dude had a meltdown when I told him they were from a Honda Scoopy and cost 200 Baht a pop.

When i had the seat issue ( mould ) with my FT ( wife's bike now ) i complained to italy and got a replacement seat sent, same thing happened with that so got it recovered at the local Somchai shop for 200baht, been perfect ever since.

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