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Tern Folding Bike - dealers?

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Has anybody bought a Tern folding bike from a dealer in Bangkok? The stores that say they sell Tern, when asked, say they do not keep stock. I do not want to buy online as I need to see the model before deciding. Any large dealers you know of in or near Bangkok?

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If BKK is anything like KL, I would guess it is a temporary problem, following The surge in cycling following the COVID lockdowns.  Almost every shop we visited in KL was expecting more stock in December; I’m surprised no enterprising manufacturer thought “I’ll increase production, and deliver a couple of containers in advance of the usual December shipment”

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I now shudder whenever see a Folder that only has One Hinge... 


 Knowing one will never find a Retail production Folder that doesn't have just One Hinge - I eventually found I may be in for an engineering challenge...

  I had many years earlier searched and found a Folder Front Wheel Driver (twist drive), but which had One hinge.  

Now given the machine weighed/weighs a ton (47kg) - the onboard hinge suffered severe 'airframe-stress' after about 3 years of constant use.


Fingers did some walking in the WhitePages; and I got to know the experts up there at Greenspeed

- who were the only ones not afraid of the 'litigations from failure'

- and were up for a challenge

 - plus had a supply of unused Hinges they use on their Folder Trikes


I ended up getting my wish, of having a Folder with multiple hinges. 


what originally was: 685985511_Folderonehingeoriginal.jpg.76d5448563bd2cf26516a99a8441b0f6.jpg


 became: 1454647913_Folder2WDTwinGreenspeedHinges.jpg.8d901f66b8fae370e16659b601645455.jpg

This machine has also since been further home-engineered, to become an All Wheel Drive... but that is another story...  (but the machine still does fold despite the extra chain assembly)



Before you buy your Tern or whatever, have a good hands-on look at the Hinge design, for integrity



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