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Ministry warns against sharing personal info with people masquerading as govt officials

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Ministry warns against sharing personal info with people masquerading as govt officials

By The Nation




The Ministry of Finance on Friday warned people against revealing personal information to fraudsters pretending to be government officials offering Bt2,000 cash as Covid-19 relief.


Fiscal Policy Adviser at the Fiscal Policy Office, Pornchai Triraveja, acting as the Finance Ministry's spokesperson warned that some criminals were trying to steal people's cash by contacting them for ID card and bank account numbers, offering to transfer Bt2,000 under the government's Covid-19 scheme.


He said such criminals were operating since 2019. They modify messages to gain the confidence of the people, such as offering to transfer the Comptroller-General's Department social welfare or the government's subsidy.


"The ministry has not instructed its officers to ask for citizens' ID card and bank account numbers, so we would like to ask them not to believe or share such information," he said.


He added that people can visit the ministry's website: www.mof.go.th or "Ministry of Finance News Station" Facebook page for the real information.


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30398292



-- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2020-11-20
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All the application installed from anywhere with so quick and so bad "soft made" imply a safety problem potential issue.

First when you buy your device as it is locked and has many spy software installed from manufacturer or from any other at next step. Because people doesn't know anything about computer sciences, it is possible nowadays to obligate these spy soft from big companies to miss respect your private life.

Some dumb customers are also not able to understand the problem (even if you explain them, they failed to understand also because they already speak to quick and doesn't want to admit they were wrong... ego problem there).

There is a good solution to stop this to happen by cypher all your data from your own PGP key pairs you can generate yourself, and it should be very protective for us that government want to understand this fact and force to make companies to apply this step to save our private life and protect us from big brother predation.

The hook is the famous free soft (with spy under) you can install from any gogol or iBanana platform (there some other than them... ) they do all they can for forbid any advertisement wall locker application to exist there (like adaway.apk...) and manufacturer do all that they can to make difficult to just root your device the way that your device will be, really, your own device, the one you will then be able to remove all the spy soft and install real protection.

Now some bank refuse to let install their own application if your device is yours (so if it is rooted), and they argument is that your device is unsafe if rooted (that can be true and in the same time, very wrong, but you will probably control your device and then forbid them to spy so easy).

Well, i think the real problem there is that big majority of people have no clue about what is computer science and then, they can be subject to be abused so easily by the first crazy powered one who miss respect people for his own interest (for money or just for spy for power control by politics who don't care, so miss respect, freedom and private life of everybody).

Transparency should exist for any of your public act, but in the same time, we should be able to have a private life to be safe and private.

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