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Bang Saen Beach reinvents itself: No smoking, no booze - better health for all

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They really know how to nail a coffin 😂

Reformed smoker is worse than a used car salesman. I have never smoked and there are other outdoor smells to worry about. If its outdoors the smoke is a non issue.

5000 baht for smoking. 300 baht for not wearing a helmet on a motorbike.

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To not allow smoking everywhere I can totally understand (as a smoker) but then just make some designated areas for this.. In terms of alcohol I think it is stupidity, what else would both locals and tourists want at the beach. Some nice food with a beer of course!

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One of the advantages of living in Thailand has - for me - always been the possibility to enjoy a meal or beer without it being spoiled by inhaling cigarette smoke (as in Europe).


In Europe one can smoke outside a bar, not inside. That law should be replaced by:  on good days, no smoking outside, on cold days no smoking inside.

It would save me the trouble of searching for a place to sit outside with no smokers up - wind.


However, I think that the smoking / drinking ban in Thailand is not inspired by health concerns, but rather by fundamentalist religious motives, not unlike many christian sects.



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what a load!

just another absurd in the land of smiles, i give one month for them to change their mind. they want to turn this area into a smart city, the problem is: where are the smart people? probably turning it into a ghost town.

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On 11/23/2020 at 10:42 PM, Bell1234 said:

It's a much better Beach area than Pattaya.. The Beach promenade is fantastic to walk along.

as you said walk along, forget about swim, it's quite dirty.

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