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First hospital stay in Thailand was good - is this cheap or what?

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Thanks for all the input, very helpful.


Just to answer some queries my UK insurance has a £1200 excess and 30% copay capped at £5k which suits me fine as the main reason I have it is for something major. Premium is £1200 per annum but they have already prepared me for a 50% increase next birthday .It includes 13m Baht general cover and 1m Baht accident cover. They refuse to cover covid due to the pre-existing conditions. I will continue to pay for medical expenses while it's affordable, but if it's major I have the policy (hopefully).


I will check out the brokers mentioned nearer the time of renewal. I know the Thai insures seem to be less value for money so it's a difficult choice.


many good points here, but my main query was answered - I got off relatively light with the cost this time. I am just happy to be sitting here with no more than a bandaged head and panda eyes.


Stay safe and out of hospital.



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As a 65 year old with a few pre-existing conditions I have only one real worry in Thailand and that is getting a massive hospital bill. I have good UK cover but am pretty sure if anything happens to m

Do not let the low bill lull you into complacency. You did not require surgery or ICU care.   Bills in government hospitals can easily exceed 1 million baht if specialized surgeries and/or p

I reckon so, the "0" is very close to the "-", 3-5 million seems much more sensible.  

We all have different opinions and experiences, as to quality and costs, and may I recommend before accepting advice you ask the question, are you answering from personal experience, there are many bad stories out there


I am very pro the Thai govt hospitals, both in BKK and Issan, on the other side I have experienced gross incompetency,  in hospitals here and received compensation without resorting to lawyers


I have had extensive surgery, many specialists and 13 hrs on operating table  for complicated state of the art keyhole surgery, my bills have been and continue to be very reasonable


Waiting times and queues in Government Hospitals can be very slow and frustrating, on the other hand on being delivered to the A&E at 3.00 am I was attended to quickly and efficiently


If you want more information, PM me I prefer not to discuss on open forum, but am always happy to assist others on a one to one basis


I have no medical ins and am  76 from UK


I am registered with five hospitals, makes getting looked at a little quicker


I am also under a palliative care unit, from a leading  Government Teaching hospital teaching pain suppression


I also have a living will that specifies no life support or resussation, and a lawyer within walking distance of the main hospital I now use, my body will be donated and the paper work is in place, ( my wife carries the donor card not me !) many hospitals no longer accept donations from foreigners, too many problems from families out side Thailand


PLAN FOR THE WORST AND HOPE FOR THE BEST, also Pray a little, God helps those who help themselves


Have a plan and make sure your wife can execute it, call an ambulance from the Bumringrad, and a very big bill is almost guaranteed, you can have the same specialist in a govt hospital, at a fraction of the cost

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1 hour ago, spornb said:

you can have the same specialist in a govt hospital, at a fraction of the cost

Many specialists at Govt hospitals work 1 day a week the rest of their time work in private hospitals so yes the same specialists. Asked a doctor at govt hospital if he could remove a titanium rod from my femur, "you will have to come to my hospital as you need special equipment"   I asked a  surgeon in OZ what equipment would you use "hammer and chisel" was his reply. true story. 

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2 hours ago, Saltire said:

Thanks again, yes probably a district hospital. My UK policy has a moritorium on my pre existing conditions (diabetes 2 years to qualify, angina - 5 years to qualify) I am in my 5th year with them but still don't really hold out hope for a claim in many areas. I will reevaluate with a Thai insurer nearer to renewall but changing carries risk too at my age.


other than personal accident insurance, which is well worth having in addition to your main health insurance, I would not recommend a Thai insurer especially at your age and with your pre-existing conditions. In fact I doubt any Thai insurer would cover you.



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On 11/21/2020 at 11:13 AM, Saltire said:

I am in contact with AA as someone mentioned they can arrange a policy to include pre existing conditions (at a premium of course) but I am covered till July 2021 so will re-evaluate nearer the expiry date.



I had my last drink a long time ago. Will AA cover my accidents?

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