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Pattaya: Tourists put off going because of fears of dangerous air quality

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5 hours ago, fredob43 said:

Yes my recollection of what it was like a month ago. Sad RIP

I have far worse pics of beer bars falling down from the area behind Ali Baba, but in reality that was happening long before Covid. Pattaya was shifting from the European/ Australian etc customer base already to Chinese, Indian and Asian. Going down market at one end, while attempting to go up-market at the other. Covid  has booted it along. In an effort to get though this, the local market is being targeted, especially at weekends.

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Pattaya is far from closed down. Lots of Bangkok weekenders here today. Smog? What smog? Air fresher and cleaner in Pattaya now than its been for many years. (no Chinese coaches/less traffic).

Tourists from Bangkok are put off by Pattaya air quality.... tosh.

I live on the Darkside. Very little closed. None of the bars/.restaurants that I normally visit closed. At least 2 restaurants recently opened.

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On 11/22/2020 at 12:46 PM, fredob43 said:

I don't know if you had noticed but it's a long Holiday weekend. Suggest you go on Tuesday and you will find it empty/Dead. Not unlike the rest of Pattaya. It'll continue stay like that till the next holiday. I do believe that to be Christmas/New year. Then what larks. As no parking again. 

It is quite busy today, not dead by any means. There are school holidays till 1st December so plenty of family outings. 

The air quality has improved considerably today as well.

Happier days.

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