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How to fix aircon pipe infiltration in cement / wall ? Neighbour wall is wet !

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On 11/22/2020 at 5:58 PM, The Theory said:

yee, right. Especially works great with wet concrete.

Yes it works well on wet concrete    just remove as much dust/particles , dirt and water as possible before applying the very sticky goop... warning it goes everywhere   but can be quite easily removed  with  a rag and lots of washing up liquid before it sets.







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They "forgot"  to  put anything but sand  into the bored hole in the concrete floor  where the arrow is pointing

that hole drained directly into the next floor down apartments bathroom !! :shock1:


There was also a hole in the blue PVC pipe  buried in the wall but a bit of aluminium foil tape and more epoxy fixed that too 😋

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