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Data breach: Not our fault say Lazada

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It was claimed that the seller of the data was working in Lazada's Thai office, something the company has denied. 



this line is very disturbing, because to deny it, Lazada needs to know who the seller is.

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16 minutes ago, Traubert said:

Or where the data was stored....


nope. anyone with legal or illegal access could have taken it. storage location is irrelevant, since I don't believe Lazada keeps this information on a separate notwork not connected to the internet...



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5 hours ago, hotchilli said:

Lol... I use COD only... no-way they get my credit details.

CC details are not kept in plain data, in some database. So that wouldn't be a threat anyway. It is like 9/10 more likely to get your CC details stolen while traveling, in hotels and such. That is also how all passport copies end up in the dark web.


Quite easy money for a person working at the lobby, underpaid, seeing tens of passports daily (which they usually scan).

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Lazada system is <deleted>. I'm trying to log in to my account and the site wants to verify my identity which is fine with me. To do that they send me a code by e-mail. But by the time the e-mail arrives the code is unusable because the system only gives you one minute! Now who in their right mind designs it like that.

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