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How are the bars, restaurants, agogos, massage shops, gentleman clubs and any business doing during covid?

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Yes, for an extra 100 baht she will put her phone down and use both hands. 

So after month after month of massage shop closures a number of them on Klang by Buakhao have dropped the price to 80 baht an hour, already busy, finally they are realising by lowering the price you g

The place I used to go has the sauna still going but the girls are gone, except the one that used to massage me. She's selling fruit from a stall near the sauna, and massaging when a customer comes.

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28 minutes ago, Lacessit said:

IMO business is down to about a third of what it was pre-COVID in Chiang Rai. Prices are 150 baht/hour, they must be pretty desperate for business asking 80 baht.

Yes desperate but 80 baht is better than zero baht and it's working already, busy, for this weekend anyway

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56 minutes ago, NanLaew said:

I also hear that at least a couple of beer bars on Soi 6 have ip cams set up where stuck-at-home punters can buy their favorite bar girls ladies drinks via the bars FaceBook page.

Not limited to Soi 6 (Soi Buakhao and side Sois e.g.) and a couple of live streams on youtube (don't know what payment channel they use).


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8 hours ago, redwood1 said:

This is a good (and needed) thread title.....That should cover just about everything Covid related in Pattaya as far as businesses go..


Speaking of massage shops on Pattaya Klang.....I have gotten to where I almost dread walking to Big C Extra because you have to walk past a bunch of massage shops, and boy are they desperate for customers...

I honestly think the girls are only working there due to lack of other employment options....Its sad....

Some of my favourite massage shops have already closed on Klang, I think it's likely ladies who previously were strict on massage only now do specials because of no customers 

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