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Family claim Thai woman, 21, died after breast enhancement surgery - clinic denies it

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Family claim Thai woman, 21, died after breast enhancement surgery - clinic denies it



Image: Sanook


A mother and her family have gone to the police and health authorities after a main breadwinner of the family died after she went to a clinic in Nonthaburi for breast enhancement surgery. 


The clinic says it was not their fault, she had an unexpected heart attack.


However, a lawyer for the family said there is evidence of a cut under the breast of the deceased.


Supatra, 55, said that on October 17th her daughter Merissa, 21, was going under the knife at a clinic in the Sanam Bin Nam area of Nonthaburi, north west of Bangkok.


The next she knew a relative who accompanied her daughter to the clinic said she had gone into shock and been taken to Phra Nang Klao hospital.


She rushed from the family home in Roi-Et to Bangkok but her daughter was in a grievous condition and died the next day, October 18th. 


Doctors at the clinic said she died from unexpected heart failure. The family said Merissa was never ill.


The clinic said they had not performed surgery and offered to pay 30,000 baht for funeral expenses.


After the family went to the Muang Nonthaburi police the clinic refused to negotiate a compensation settlement.


On October 28th the family went to the health authorities asking them to investigate the clinic.


A post mortem is still ongoing.


A lawyer for the family said they had evidence of a scar on the body and the family believe she had undergone surgery.


They plan to meet with the Health Service Support Department on Tuesday at 10 am. 


Merissa's mother said her daughter was the breadwinner for the family and always sent money home. She also had a four year old child.


Source: Sanook



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-11-21
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6 minutes ago, dddave said:

Really an issue everywhere as more people try to save money by  having complicated cosmetic, dental and other surgical procedures done in clinic settings rather than hospitals. 

Most clinics aren't equipped with life support equipment nor staff fully trained in emergency medicine.  If something goes wrong: an allergic reaction to anesthesia, heart stoppage, shock, ect., the patient can be in big trouble as all most clinics can do is call an ambulance and send the patient to a hospital EW.

 True, and if it's an illegal clinic then it's possible the operator won't call an ambulance (which could be a rescue organization operating out a pick up truck) because they reveal their illegal 'clinic' to the authorities.


In this circumstance 'ditch the body' might be in the picture.  

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13 hours ago, worgeordie said:

So the clinic did only one breast,and she had a heart attack ?,

So that should be easy to prove,or disprove,if she has cut marks under her breast,

RIP, 21 with a child and the family breadwinner...sad

regards worgeordie

My (admittedly second-hand) understanding of breast enhancement surgery is that the incisions are normally made not underneath the breast but in the armpits, to avoid visible scars.

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