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Fog in Pattaya not related to PM2.5 air pollution

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Yep, the next morning the fog or smaze or smog had cleared, but the AQI was still 120 with high PM 2.5. But of course, since the mess apparently scared off some tourists from visiting Pattaya, it

The authorities have determined that the haze has nothing to do with pollution, and there is no prostitution in Pattaya. 

Lies, lies and more lies.

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4 hours ago, Kerryd said:

The fog was because of the recent rain. As it warmed up during the day, the water started evaporating - like it always does.

I went for a ride towards Rayong yesterday and the same misty fog could be seen rising out of the trees and fields that whole way there and back. Nothing at all to do with the pollution (which would have mostly been knocked out of the air by the rain - like it always is).

I would expect to see similar misty fog today as well.

Can also be caused by the water in the ocean? LA beaches get foggy this time of year but not because of rain.

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1 hour ago, Card said:

It is pm 2.5. see AQI and Ventuski 

I might add that this agency benefits from good news on the pollution data. Before u start believing it, read this:


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8 minutes ago, Kerryd said:

Yeah, it happens a lot when cooler air meets warmer waters and the evaporation condenses and becomes fog. Doesn't have to be that much cooler apparently, just enough to make the microscopic droplets condense. One article mentions a temperature difference of as little as 2.5 degrees between the "dew point" and the air temperature. Another says that fog will form with the air temperature is from 5-40 degrees cooler than the surface water temperature. 

LA has a massive smog problem though, even with all the pollution control regulations they've brought it (some of the strictest standards not just in the USA but in the world it seems). Add to that the warm water off the coast and cold air coming from (mainly) the north. 
I think the El Niño and La Niña cycles have an effect as well. 


What LA did you guys grow up in?  The water off the coast is never warm in Southern Cal.  Maybe for about 6 weeks in July-August.  And fog season is in the Spring and early Summer, not the winter.

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6 hours ago, scubascuba3 said:

This makes sense as I've been doing a lot of exercise and felt no difference in my breathing

Please read up on the long term effects of air pollution. Much like smoking, all seems well short-term   but years down the road...

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