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UK's Sunak says he hopes for a Brexit deal but not at any price

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Always someone else’s fault with johnson and his ministers. 

And in this case, that someone is France and Germany. 

I was replying to @473geo who - with a clever turn of phrase - inferred without explicitly stating,  that the EU had granted extensions to Article 50 without prompting: I pointed out the actuality was

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On 11/24/2020 at 8:06 AM, transam said:

Yes, the UK has left the EU.......That's it...Fact...


Remainers posting here seem to not have realised it.... FACT..


British remainers here would rather back the EU than their own country even knowing the UK has left the EU...Fact..


British members here are trashing the UK's democratic vote to leave the EU....Fact..


I back the democratic vote of the UK populace....Fact

Embarrassing - Fact 

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