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The week that was in Thailand news: Wring the rooster’s neck – not mine!

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Really enjoyed this one, particularly the first half. Makes a change from your normal weekly roundup (pot banging), not that they aren't fun too. Your trip to the Boonies seems to have mellowed you. No doubt you'll be back to the biting wit and sarcasm next week.   

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Great read Rooster! Enjoying it here in the boring, cold, grey and wet Europe where I am stuck, especially your long but very diverting introduction about your last weeks sojourn to Loei gave me back some sunshine and smile. It reminded me on how nice Thailand is and how much I would like to come back.


Given the hostility of the Thai authorities towards Westerners stuck outside the country, I more and more doubt if it will be possible anytime soon to come back to Thailand for all those who don't have the time for quarantine. Even when a vaccine will eventually be available, the Thai authorities might search for other excuses to fend us off, whatever reason they have to do so. You might know from other posts of mine what I think about their reasons.


Apropos vaccine, nice that you gave credit namely to vaccine creator Ugur Sahin of BioNTech, son of Turkish immigrants to Germany, rather than simply writing about "the Pfizer vaccine". Credit to those who deserve it!


Even more the likes of Rudy Giuliani, Elon Musk, the Boy Scouts' Association of America, the Roman Catholic clergy and  - of course! - the hapless TAT guy Yutthasak definitely deserve your remarks in this week's column.


So, I am looking forward to next weeks TWTW, while hoping to be able to come back to Thailand one day, when all this Covid madness eventually has ended.


And, I really miss the ekki-ek-ek waking me up early morning.



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7 hours ago, rooster59 said:

It made a change for another rooster to be facing grief - my readers often want to wring MY neck!


Me doth think you exaggerate your affect on the hoi poloi  .   Hope you enjoyed your vacation as

I did mine.  

I would elaborate on my time off..... but it would be against "forum rules" .    And would almost certainly result in my joining some other popular members in that  other dimension where the

vanishing breed reside.

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Thanks Rooster for your news, and travel experience.  Ihave enjoyed a couple of trips to

  the NE.  A small village west of Udon Thani, and to Nong Khai.  The friendly people is

one of my good memories, being helpful to give me directions to good shopping, and to the

local markets. I did enjoy some of the local dishes with different flavours.  Their outlook in

life was great as well.  I hope you keep giving us your weekly reports for as long as you can

as well.  Thanks.


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15 hours ago, rooster59 said:

fish with more bones than flesh 


I'm sorry but I just don't get why otherwise some of the best chefs in the world do this.


French chefs take the bones OUT, then cook the bones in a BROTH, then reduce that broth into a SAUCE, which is then put on the BONELESS fish on the plate.


You get all the flavour and nutrition of the fish bones, without the risk of choking to death. ✅

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