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"Big Bikes" - 2 liter and up

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6 hours ago, dddave said:

One of the most interesting men in the motorcycle world for me in the 90s was Allen Millyard, a master machinist/mechanic who would split 2 engines and join them into 1, using nothing but hand tools.  He would often appear at weekend motorcycle events, usually in the UK and over the course of the weekend, publicly work his magic.  

I attended such a show when he made an appearance in the US and created a 6 cylinder engine out of 2 fours.  Files, hacksaws, hammers; not an electric machine in his bag.  Amazing to watch.


Apparently, he is still active. 



What an amazing guy. He keeps it simple like his new handmade 8000cc V10 bike. When NASA wouldn't sell him leftover space shuttle tiles to keep engine heat off his legs, he learned how to make his own.



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7 hours ago, OneMoreFarang said:

Anything else?


Basically just the joy of riding a monster of a bike, pure and simple.


My last bike in UK was a FJ1200 Yam, hardly rode it, except once a year we used to go touring in France, Spain Italy etc...that was what that bike was for.


I have a 900 Triumph, I hardly ride that here on the island, but a few times a year we go off touring...that's what that bike is for.


The Triumph Rocket 3 exists for pure enjoyment, plain and simple, it's not practical and never will be...but as I said before, if I had oodles of spare cash I'd have one

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