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The Thai tourism new normal, learning to live with the pandemic

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Thailand is just one of many countries that has been conned to kill its economy in fear of a nasty flu. I don't know what the end game is, whether big resets or just pharma companies banking billions,

Yet with the economy still suffering the Thai currency is still on drugs and getting higher and higher.  It must be all the repatriated millions of USD the Thai's are bringing home, and then the Gold

a thoughtful , relatively complete expose; the length of the discussion however (a high grade length) means that thailand's government wont get this right; if it takes that long to correctly describe

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this guy is delusional, opening country which didn't go through the second wave of Covid yet for the sake of 1000 tourists a day... few countries did that and now in lockdown. Does anyone asked if people want to travel? Do you want to go to China or New Zealand?

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The key word for me was courage. The PM was supposed to have it before anything would happen. That's why we are waiting, the other things would fall into place.

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4 hours ago, rooster59 said:

Thailand’s world-class tourism industry, one of the twin drivers of our economy, is in a deep, coronavirus-induced coma, close to death.


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Beautifully written if not a bit delusional if not wishful thinking.

The writer needs to have a closer look at countries that are totally overwhelmed in all areas due to doing exactly what he proposes.

His argument on letting tourists just flood to Thailand as it is Covid free suggests that he should take more water with it.

Yes, the tourist industry & supporting businesses on the ropes ( I am one)

The staff & ex staff my heart bleeds for along with small owners.

The large Hotel conglomerates I do not have a lot of sympathy for as their greed (along with condo developers ) have well outpaced demand & they knew it

My short answer

To open up the country ad hoc without quarantine at this time is tantamount to risking the 

other many businesses alive, well, employing staff  (they still have over 2mil vacancies) exporting 

& contributing a figure about 88% of last years GDP,

Exports look like being better  than 85% of last year but before moaning about that, have a look at the actual figures in dollar terms, Huge for a country of this size. 

Swallow the bitter pill for another 4 months,,,, I think will allow for a much quicker, life saving,

recovery for everybody


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