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Meat grinder / mincer recommendations

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Wife has a restaurant and she's decided wants to do her own mince. Not huge qtys about 5kg a week. Beef mainly.


Just wondering anyone have any recommendations for a mincer? I have seen quite a few on Lazada and some look quite good ranging from 300 to 800 watts. One says 3000w which I find hard to believe. All under 2000 baht. I don't mind spending a bit more if better quality. I see the bigger ones they use here in the markets basically an aluminum hand grinder on a steel stand attached to a motor and pully. Too big for us anyway. I have successfully used the food processor to mince pork but beef not so good. 


I don't want to go to the expense of buying a kitchen aid / attachments etc. Prefer a purpose made grinder. Any advice appreciated 

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if you don't want to go the the pricey professional kitchen equipment class buy the biggest watts you you can afford on lazada and you'll thank yourself you did...

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2 hours ago, jaiyenyen said:

Go to the Champ shop at Makro. Lots of catering stuff there.


I've come to learn stuff in the Champ shop the same stuff you can buy direct from China but at three times the price

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