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Reliable Beef supplier in Thailand

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Wife has a restaurant and she's looking for a beef / rib eye supplier with decent properly aged beef at a decent Thai price. I believe Poonyang beef is very good? I think Poonyang the Thai name for what they call French / Thai beef here. Some of the sellers asking ridiculous prices, more expensive than you can buy Australian Beef from Makro atm. It is for mince so doesn't have to be butter soft tender, just good flavor and a consistent supplier. We're in Khon Kaen. Don't really want to pick up from bus stations etc. Don't want huge quantities around 5 - 10kg whole rib eye


Australian beef prices in Makro very cheap atm around 300 baht but I think it has to do with Australia falling out with China / Covid so probably wont last. In any case it can be inconsistent and probably frozen.

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