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Reasonable insurance for non Thai resident

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I have been looking for a reasonably priced insurance.

At one point there was Tune by Luma offering a cover at 15,000 Baht, now at 34,000.

A few months ago I had found some insurances having a different premium depending on the place of residence of the applicant and there was a great difference in price: I cannot seem to locate them anymore.

I sincerely do not need it as such, being well insured, but in case I want to leave and come back the question of the imposed insurance will be on the table: I hate to have to pay for something I don't need, hence my quest.



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Hey Sheryl 

Yes , apologies, I am talking about the covid.

As being already in Thailand, if I take this type of insurance it should be noticeably cheaper as there is officially no case here.

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