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Set-up internet banking from Aust.

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Hi, fellow members..

I had to leave Kalasin 18 months ago due to med after living in TL for 15 years. I am waiting to go back when I can.

I would like to see what I have left in my Kasikorn acc but, I do not have a net set-up with them.

I av my B Book n K-MY PLAY debit card.

Is there any way I can set-up an internet connection with K B from Australia please.

Any info would be appreciated.    Cheers to you all...J.H.P.  

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21 minutes ago, Dagfinnur Traustason said:

Yes, there is a way to set up a transfer from 1 account to another in almost avery banks in the world.  Why not try asking your local bank? You might get the right answer.

So @Swimfan You have a better idea, or just feel the need to look confused? Something bothering you, just ask. I will explain it to you

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As you have your passbook and your debit card, you should be able to set up on-line banking via their website. That's how it's normally done.


One difficulty you may encounter is that banks are using SMS now to verify your ID. That could prove to be a stumbling block.


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10 hours ago, Upnotover said:

According to their website it can only be done online if you have a credit card.  If not it's via an ATM (one of theirs) or in a branch.

I was surprised at that, but you're right. Credit card only.


Sorry O/P, ignore my earlier message. 😞


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9 hours ago, YT3k72Em said:

Try putting your debit card in an Australian ATM machine and picking "check balance" 

Yes, and if that doesn't work, try withdrawing some money.  There may be a balance on the receipt.  

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