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Routes 105 and 108 - Mae Sot to MHS

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I drove the 105 back in February and it was a blast.  There was a washout at one point that wasn’t very well marked and is hopefully fixed by now but other than that, the road was in good condition.  Be careful as you come to the last dozen or so kilometers of 105 before it hits 108 as the road gets quite narrow and people and dogs will be walking along the side.

As far as hotels go, I have no idea what’s in Mae Sot as I had spent the night in Tak before the next leg to Mae Sariang.  Probably should have stayed in Mae Sot as Tak was incredibly boring and the whole town seemed to shut down at sundown.  It was hard finding a place to eat.  I didn’t notice any hotels between Mae Sot and Mae Sariang.




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For Thai standards the road is in good condition. I recently road the 105, the last time i've ridden the 108 to MHS was a few months ago, but i guess it's still ok.

There are some hotel options in Mae Sariang, but i don't have a recommendation for one.

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