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Thaichana app

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59 minutes ago, Caldera said:

TBH I'm surprised to hear that anyone is still using it. Wherever I go in Bangkok, I don't see any people scanning the QR codes anymore, so I stopped doing that about 1-2 months ago, too.

Isn't it required for domestic flights/at airports anymore?

23 hours ago, Gumballl said:

Be wary of scanning a QR code; you never know what you are scanning. Scammers have been known to use these for subversive purposes.

Generally correct if you scan with an arbitrary QR code scanner.

But I doubt that Thaichana would do anything on non conforming QR codes?

I think I should try scanning LINE QR code with Thaichana :biggrin:.

-> "Incorrect QR code. Please try again".

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I refuse to use this app and the AOT Airport app (which one is supposed to download as a requirement for re-entry to Thailand because it has a Covid check in it.  The problem with these apps is it specifically asks for access to your personal date and files - something I am NOT prepared to do !!  Beware - big brother may be tracking and watching you !! 

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On 11/22/2020 at 7:59 PM, PFMills said:

Has anyone had problems trying to use the app today. I have an iPhone and my wife a Samsung, neither of us could check in anywhere today. Scanned the QR and just got Incorrect  .. 

Where I live I've never been asked to load it... no-one bothers.

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30 minutes ago, Jen65 said:

It might be "working" and you might "use" it BUT what personal data is it collecting about you ??? 

Very little. The only permissions the Thaichana app requires is your location, and access to the camera (to capture the QR code). Unlike the Morchana app which additionally wanted access to my contacts and storage, the Thaichana app is far less intrusive.

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