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I'm sick of driving my pickup truck. Any ideas about what I should buy next?

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I've had Toyota pickup truck for several yrs and told I can get 500k trade in. 


It was in the smash repair shop for a month getting a full re-spray. During this time I was driving a sporty BMW. The first day back in my pickup was horrible. I couldn't believe how unsafe I felt. Bouncing all over the place and so high up. It didnt feel right and now I want to change cars. 


I have finished doing renos on our building and now dont really need the pickup tray as much. Sometimes I do like driving to a lake area that has dirt roads. I suppose I could get away with an ALL wheel drive option and not a 4WD.


If I had a million to put towards a new car (maybe 1.5mill) plus the 500k trade what would you recommend?



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German cars in Thailand cost 2-3 times any Japanese make in terms of servicing and spares costs. People buy German cars because they think that gives them status. The ship sailed long ago with re

Clearly ! pickups are terrible and I wonder how people can even drive this ! Go German, even second hand, still a lot better than any Japanese, whatever people will tell you, they are just liars.

A Chauffeur.....job done.

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1 minute ago, ChaiyaTH said:

Get a nice new BMW 3-5 series, that is a very safe car and also comfortable on the roads. 

the wife just bought one and thus dont want another one. 


also forgot to mention above that I get a sore butt after driving my pickup for 3 hours. Its a shocker of  a drive after being in a luxury car. 

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1 minute ago, ChaiyaTH said:

Fine, get the latest Mercedes then.

You could consider an Everest as it is quite a soft ride, our MY15 3.2L has been fine  ... or a car, as suggested above,  say the E300e,which is better than the E350e as it doesn't have the dreaded air suspension.


Ah ... just read 2M is your budget, you could get a fairly new 'C' Class (PHEV)

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49 minutes ago, mr mr said:

you're going to spend potentially 2 million baht on a car ? that's 100k in cad. you could buy a GM plant back home for that kind of money. 


🥱 But he’s not in Canada or back home from wherever his is from...


The Op is in Thailand and is budgeting 1.5 to 2 million baht for a car...


Plenty of Options from Toyota Cross & Camry to Mazda CX-5 and Honda Accord & CRV through to second hand Merc C Class,  BMW X1, or 3 series or 5 series. 


Op needs to narrow down if he wants a European Car (i.e. BMW, Mercedes, Volvo) in which case he’s looking at second hand models or he wants new, in which case he’s limited to Japanese. He also needs to decide if he wants SUV, Estate, Sedan or Hatchback etc... 


Op: Take a look through one2car.com - loads of 2nd hand and new cars on there to give you ideas. 




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