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2019 Model Nissan Xtrail Automatic Emergency Brake Program Upgrade Problems

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I have a 2019 top model Nissan Xtrail 2.5, VL, 4WD car and received a letter about two weeks ago requesting that I should contact a Nissan dealer to get the  program for automatic energency braking upgraded due to potential safety concerns.


As a result of this on the 5th November I took the car to a Nissan Dealer in Udonthani who attempted (8 hours) to upgrade the program however could not do so due to server connection errors when trying to do so and that a Nissan specialist would have to come from Bangkok to help with this problem.


My wife called the Nissan  dealer earlier this week and they stated that they are now waiting for a new program to be made available from Nissan to be able to do the upgrade and that they hope to be able to do the upgrade in mid December.


What a complete cock up instructing customers to get this safety related brake upgrade done and they are however unable to do it.


They also managed to scratch slightly the interior of the car on and local to the 4WD selector knob by not putting a protective cover under the laptops they were using inside the car unfortunatly for me I didnt notice this until the next day when it was daylight.


When I do go back I will show this to the manager and complain and I will also take a towel to cover the area they are going to place a laptop(s).


Just wondering have any other Nissan owners been requested to have the Automatic Emergency Brake function upgraded recently and had any success with this.


Many thanks in advance for any help.


So now I have a car with no automatic emergency brake and also no cruise control functions.


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Demand they fix the scratched stuff...


My Samsung fridge/freezer/cool water dispenser fridge had a problem with water flow, 5 blokes could not fix it, few days later the 5 turned up with a bloke who flew up from BKK, it took him about 20 seconds with a small screwdriver to fix it...🥴

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