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Top 10 English-language movies made in Thailand

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A Bright Shining Lie. 



When they were making it in Kanchanaburi, a friend knocked on my door and asked if I wanted to be in a movie but I had to go right then as there was a van waiting. I went with them and got in one scene of the movie. Most of the people in these movies were backpackers and the Africans were often actual Africans from Africa who happened to be in Thailand. They said if you want to be in a lot of scenes, you had to hide your face as your face couldn't be in two scenes if you were an extra. Anyways, it was my only experience and only on that afternoon. The movie is okay but no award winner. Maybe some other people on this forum were in it.



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Just stumbled across a Netflix film called simply "P".  Thai film with english subtitles with plot based around a fictional? bar called "P Bar".  Let's just say....... you wouldn't expect this on Netflix!!!

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