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Bottles of urine! Landlady finds this when "young people" didn't pay the rent

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Bottles of urine! Landlady finds this when "young people" didn't pay the rent



Picture: Daily News


A post on a popular Facebook fan page "by Kim Official" showed how a landlady found her flat after her renters left with many months' rent unpaid. 


Daily News called it "like a garbage truck had fallen on its side".



Picture: Daily News


Nothing seemed to have been thrown away in the two years of their stay - stinking bottles contained urine.


The landlady explained that the renters were young people who worked the night shift.



Picture: Daily News


Netizens asked how people could possibly live like this!


Source: Daily News




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-11-23
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That depends totally if the tenants allow it. I'm a landlord but as a tenant would tell you to <deleted> off with your 12 inspections a year.     

Looks OK to me 

Probably working nights in the local fast food restaurant or convenience store and handling your food!

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32 minutes ago, richard_smith237 said:


Whats your basis for this ? I’d argue that they were night shift taxi drivers as clearly evidenced by the M-150 bottle ! :1zgarz5:



(I’m obviously being a facetious troll with this silly comment BTW - just for the benefit of those who may miss a little juvenile humour) 

A conundrum when their cabs are sweet smelling and clean, however I have seen bottles of urine in Bangkok cabs before. 


Few things worse than a flatulent Thai cabbie though, the bottling of urine is a necessity due to Bangkok traffic. 



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