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Poll suggests Thais are less concerned about Covid-19 - mask wearing down considerably

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Excellent news. The mask wearing, at this point is tiresome and inane. There is NO COVID in Thailand. So, why all the paranoia? I get wearing a mask in the US, or Europe. But here? Seems excessive, pa

Did it occur to you that it might be practices such as mask wearing that are the reasons there is no (or almost none) Covid in Thailand?   Wouldn't it be more sensible if people continued to

Got so used to putting the mask on...it is almost automatic now - will continue to do so. 

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27 minutes ago, richard_smith237 said:

The major issue with mask wearing is that everyone reuses the same masks for weeks. 


I have them in my car, motorbike bag, various shopping bags, sports bags, pockets of my shorts etc...  once its used, it gets put back in the same bag etc.


I’m aware that carrying old masks is not hygienic, I’m aware the reusable masks need to be washed each day - I know this yet I still carry all those masks around because the inconvenience of not having one and getting caught out and not being permitted entry into a building, 7-11, supermarket etc is a pain in the backside... 


So... Everyone is walking around using the same mask for weeks, effectively carrying around a little cloth petri-dish. 



You are complaining - okay. But why don't you stop to act like everyone else? I clean my mask every evening. 


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