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TAT to design special packages for unique group of tourists

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how out of touch are these people 😂   there's a perfectly good lure here already for single people - no merit required!        

Thailand spent the last 6 years kicking them out and making their lives impossible but now they need cash they want them back?   Thailand really is like a nutty ex girlfriend.    

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sounds to me like they are running out of ideas for the Chinese tour groups and need more options to gouge money from them while they bus them around  - this is definitely not being considered with western tourists in mind

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4 hours ago, petermik said:

Another day and another masterpiece from the TAT... what medication are these folk on?

'TAT plans to design unique packages for groups like LGBTQ, food lovers, those seeking physical or spiritual retreats or even digital nomads' 

Isn't this the kind of things travel companies do?  And they don't need a government funded budget.

Disband them now.  And then consider what use the Tourist Police are.

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